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Have you heard of the website Froogle.com? It's probably my new favorite site. Since becoming a very "spend thrift" grocery shopper for my family, I've gotten to the point where I refuse to pay full price for anything.

Basically, Froogle is a a comparison shopping search engine, launched by Google. It allows buyers to compare prices for various items all in one place! To test it out, I decided to type in some items I need and am getting low on. I typed in "Jergens Skin Firming Lotion" and then changed the "sort-by" menu to "Price: Low to High". I found a bottle for $2.99! I even tried my Big Sexy Hair Root Pump and got a listing for $6.99.

The website is still under development, and most of the stores are Online vendors. However I did notice that Target, and Walgreens are on there... Check it out.

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