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Radiant Jewels

Well I have gone and done it.  I have put off the inevitable for as long as I could, and I finally had to give in.  I purchased my first piece of makeup from MAC!  Any follower of this blog knows how much I L.O.V.E. makeup.  Over this last year, my makeup stash has become huge... Seriously, it's taking over my living space. 

Of all of my makeup, however, I don't own anything from MAC.  Why?  I just knew that once I started buying their products, I would most likely love them, and then I would go crazy.  When the To The Beach collection launched early this summer, I fell in love with every.single.piece.  The colors were incredible, the packaging was so retro-cute (and I tend not to like retro).  I could have gone hog wild.  But, I was a student, who wasn't working, and couldn't exactly justify spending $500 on makeup; no matter how badly I wanted to.

So the months past, and slowly, everything from To The Beach disappeared.  Then came Fabulous Felines (which I loved, but same predicament as before) and the Venomous Villains, inspired by Disney villains.  Nothing really grabbed me, I've never thought Cruela Devil's makeup was particularly noteworthy...  IF it had a been a Disney Princess Collection, that would have another story.

Most recently, MAC launched A Tartan Tale, their Fall/Winter 2010 collection inspired by the Scottish countryside, and it's namesake the tartan!  I really really REALLY wanted to love the makeup in this collection because the packaging was so delicious, but the actual products were just sort of "mehh."  The idea for the collection was brilliant, but the color payoff and pigmentation left something to be desired.  The brushes are lower quality than most drugstore brands, most of the colors of the mini pigments and mini gloss tins are part of the permanent line and the adorable tartan pattern on the single eye shadows is just for show, and is only on the top layer of the pan.

I was disappointed in almost everything, except...


The moment I saw this Dazzleglass Creme in Radiant Jewels, I knew I had to have it.  MAC describes this gloss as a "dark sparkly magenta."  I call it GLORIOUS!  It is quite honestly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen; which seems a bit silly because "Other BF" J.G. is pretty gorgeous.

I've been taking it everywhere with me- even days I'm not wearing it- just so that I know it's safe.  And whenever I open my purse, I swear sunbeams shine fourth and angels begin singing.  I may as well have a purse full of emeralds, rubies and other "Radiant Jewels" in there for reals!  Real BF thinks I'm ridiculous.  Radiant Jewels seems bright in the tube, but applies surprisingly sheer (which is a downer for me, I wanted it to look on my lips like it does in the tube).  It has all the luxurious sparkle of a dazzleglass, but with a creamier texture, and did I mention how moisturizing it is? 

See, it goes on really sheer

I always thought lip colors were supposed to make my lips dry, you know an unspoken trade off, color payoff for dryness.  WRONG!  I don't even need to apply my lip balm anymore.  I decided I love this color so much, that the thought of running out of this "limited edition" product was giving me anxiety, so...

Radiant Jewels applied over a hot pink lipstick
Mama couldn't be more proud!

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  1. I am so glad you're back! I have been following for awhile after I found your blog randomly. We even know someone in common (which is crazy since I live in Utah!). Anyway, I'll stop being a creeper and just say I love your blog and am also obsessed with radiant jewels.

  2. "IF it had a been a Disney Princess Collection, that would have another story."

    OMG, if they come out with a Disney Princess collection, I'm seriously done for.


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