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I am Spartacus

This past weekend, I decided to just relax.  I didn't do anything, and it was wonderful.  I didn't study, I didn't do my hair or wear makeup, I literally didn't do anything.  Saturday night, I was channel surfing, and landed on Starz.  Looking for mindless entertainment, I thought 300 was playing, but actually it was the last twenty minutes of an episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

After watching for about 10 minutes, I became obsessed.  Totally hot guys running around in loin cloths?  Yes please!  It turns out, that Gods of the Arena is the second season of the show, but is actually a prequel to the first season, Spartacus: Blood & Sand.  When the episode ended, I instantly got onto Netflicks (they have Starz series instantly available) and began to watch.  Saturday night I watched four episodes of Blood and Sand, and Sunday, I finished the first season, and watched the two full episodes of the second... Yes that's right I spent 15 hours of my weekend watching Spartacus.  It was amazing! Don't be jealous.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand tells the story of Spartacus, his capture, enslavement and rise to become a champion Gladiator.  The best part is, it's played by this guy: 

Andy Whitfield.  Guess what?  Not only is he delicious to look at, he's Australian.  I've seriously considered relocating, because Australia produces some Mega-Hotties.  Sadly, before beginning season two, Andy was diagnosed with lymphoma.  Enter Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.  Originally meant to be a six-part mini-prequel to be filmed and aired while Andy recovered.  Unfortunately, he relapsed during pre-production, and so some other, not-so-hottie will be cast as Spartacus in the future seasons. Can you hear my heart breaking?

The good news?  Gods of the Arena is now going be a full season and it give us Gannicus:

Dustin Clare.  Guess what?  Another Aussie!  I don't think he's as beautiful as Spartacus, but he's a BAMF who can Gladiate (is that what Gladiators do?) blindfolded, so he'll certainly do. 

If you loved the filming style of 300, with the drama, tension, and heartbreak of Gladiator, if you don't mind blood, or "very adult content," then this show is definitely for you.  Bonus:  If you don't get Starz, or have Netflicks, all of Season 1 and the first two episodes of Season 2 are available for viewing on the Starz website!  I've been looking for another guilty pleasure since The Tudors ended, and well, my friends, I do believe I've found it!

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