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Practice Makes Perfect

I miss taking pictures for fun.  I've been swamped with clients lately, old and new, and I mean SWAMPED.  Lately I have been feeling like I'm not taking photos because I want to, but because I have to, and I hate it.

I was considering maybe taking a little break from the business side of things, at least until my website is finished, my business cards and other branding materials are finished, until the semester is over, and until I feel motivated again.  Or, maybe I'll just shoot for fun for awhile...

I've been seriously thinking about doing some "portfolio building sessions" where I would offer free photo sessions, so that I can get some practice, do some location scouting, and take photos of some fresh faces.  I'd take the photos, but work on them at my own pace, and not have to stress about fulfilling a client's order, so that I can develop more as an artist.  Then if the "model(s) want some of the photos I edit, they can order them.

Good idea, bad idea?

In the meantime, I took some pictures of BF the other day err, week, just because...  He was absolutely THRILLED to stand in my backyard, in the freezing cold weather, whilst I barked posing orders at him, THRILLED.  I quite like how they came out, and once again, I ACTUALLY CAUGHT HIM SMILING FOR A PHOTO!  BF is the kind of guy who, when taking the picture, just holds up the camera and presses the shutter button.  No warning, no countdown, and no re-dos.  When he is the subject of the picture, he insists on making doofy faces. 
PS.  I ♥ his face.

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  1. I think that's a really good idea of taking pictures of people and it gives you practice and maybe a cheaper deal for them then. I think young families would take you up on that offer!

  2. I think so too, except, if they're WANTING their pictures, it wouldn't work, because like I said, I'd be working around my own schedule. If I never get to it, then I never get to it... and people would have to understand that going in.

  3. I absolutely think you should do some "portfolio building sessions". You're talented, and maybe it would get you back in the mood of taking pictures because you want to!

  4. Wow I've always been confused how to leave you a comment! Glad you left that note up top (;
    About that though.. I think you can probably fix it by redoing your template. There must be something deleted in your html code that allows that to be shown. If you back up this template and try switching it you can at least see if that works! If not, we'll you've backed it up already (:
    I would TOTALLY recommend doing free shoots! That's how I got started! Of course, be careful who you give them to- people have a way of taking advantage. The other thing I'd say is start out cheap... I was at 50bucks to start and people didn't care if they were all professional because they were cheap! It was a good way of building your business and at the same time learning more about photoshop. I did take two digital classes at my community college- the first one was LAAAAMe. Didn't teach me anything but basics- how to shoot on manual. Then the 2nd one was more about artistic vision and not much about having a photography business or editing. All the editing tricks I know from trial and error or googling for photoshop help. The classes didn't really teach me TONS I didn't already know, but it was still good for me.
    Oh but going back to starting a photog business... there were times where I wanted to give up since it was so stressful and I was hating it because my pictures weren't turning out how I envisioned- but all that comes with time- so don't get discouraged! Easier said then done though.

    The End. (sorry that was a book of a comment;)


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