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It's about that time...

The other night BF and I went to visit the M's.  I should mention that I have two pairs of the same shoe.  Basically, I bought one earlier this summer and wore the faux-leather footwear without socks... They started to smell bad, so I bought another pair.  BUT, I never threw away the OG-stink-nasty ones... and didn't really think about it.  Well, Big M loves to wear my shoes whenever we visit, she dances around in them and carries around my purse, "just like me."  Well, I must have put on the wrong shoes when I left, because when she went over to put on the classic black flats, she said, "Peee-ew!  Mo-kin, these shoes stink! You need to wash your dirty feet.

*Facepalm*  Awesome, I just got told by a 4 year old.

Also, I thought this was SO cute.  Big M was really excited that we came over because she had gotten some new Princess themed nail polishes, and was dying to try them out on someone.  Since I had just given myself a totally awesome manicure, it was up to BF to take one for the team.  This is BF getting his Princess manicure with his girls. {By the way, if you're thinking that we're crazy for giving a 4 year old nail polish, not to worry.  This stuff was - we decided- just Elmer's Glue with colored glitter in it.  Since Big M still remembers my 4th of July nails, she painted BF's green and blue striped!}

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