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July 4th Weekend

Thanks to BF's new work schedule, we were able to escape the Las Vegas heat and head out to his family's cabin in Duck Creek, UT on Friday evening.  We spent most of the weekend on the ATV's and just relaxing in the fresh air.  I was excited to hear that Duck Creek Village was putting on a fireworks show, because I haven't gotten to see REAL fireworksthe past two years.  The "show" was a disappointment to say the least and consisted of the package of $9.99 fireworksyou can find at any local grocery store.  Wah wah wah.  I guess my totally tacky awesome 4th of July nails will have to do!

We had planned to head home Tuesday evening so the drive into Las Vegas wouldn't melt the rubber on our tires.  That morning BF woke up around 4am in SO MUCH pain.  Because I was sleeping in the loft, I could hear the agonizing moans, and his mom's futile attempts to offer him Pepto Bismol to cure his "stomach ache."  BF is a pretty tough guy and so the fact that he was in so much pain worried me.  Around 8am, I woke up again to the sounds of him vomiting, just as I was about to fall back asleep, I had a very strong feeling that I needed to get up and get to the hospital.  I jumped out of bed, threw on my clothes, and told BF's roommate (also with us) to load up the car.  I told BF's parents that I was taking him to the hospital.  BF's roommate drove us down the mountain to Cedar City, while I sat in back and tried to make BF comfortable.  The normally scenic drive through Cedar Breaks seemed never ending.  Finally, in only 25 minutes we were at the emergency room. 

Once checked in, BF begged the nurse for something for the pain.  She gave him 3 shots of something into his IV, and within 20 minutes he was "comfortable."  The doctor told us that his symptoms indicated anything from an intestinal infection to appendicitis.  After blood tests, urine tests, a CT scan, and 6 hours, it was revealed that BF had a kidney stone!

I felt awful for him!  I've had 3 kidney stones (in high school and my first year of college) and I KNOW how much pain he was in.  {They say that kidney stones hurt worse than child birth.}  Luckily, the doctor said it was only 1/2 a centimeter from the bladder, and once it got there it was small enough (4mm) that BF would pass it without any pain.  I really felt bad, because for the last few months, BF has occasionally complained of a stomach ache.  He would say that his stomach hurt, he would feel like eating, and would just want to veg out with me on the couch.  He NEVER once gave any indication of HOW much his stomach hurt, and now I know!  It was caused by that pesky Fletcher {BF named his stone "Fletcher the F***ing pain in my stomach"} traveling from his kidney outwards.

Anyway, after some strong prescription meds, and a little R'n'R, he felt much better, and we were able to make the drive home.  Thanks to everyone who commented and e-mailed their well wishes!  It wasn't an ideal 4th of July weekend, but we did have a great time before all of the commotion!

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