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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend could not have come at a better time.   With the onslaught of school, homework, volunteering, photography, work, etc. I was need of a serious holiday! The BF was able to take the weekend off of work (which never happens), and so we joined his family at their cabin   in Duck Creek, UT. I have never been to a “cabin” so needless to say I was excited. We packed up the car   Saturday morning and headed to southern Utah.

During a quick “princess-needs-a-fountain-Pepsi” and “BF needs to pee” break in Cedar City, we both took note of the air. It was so fresh! Cool and crisp, and everything Las Vegas air is not.   {Sigh} I took a BIG breath in, as if I were never going to breathe again, to appreciate it one more time before getting back on the road. Next Stop,   Strawberry Point!

While driving up through the mountain, I couldn’t help but gawk at the cabins all around us. Some of these “summer homes” were amazing! We pulled up to our destination, and I was quite impressed.  It didn’t at all resemble the small Lincoln-log abode I had pictured in my mind. It was situated on a large plot of land surrounded by evergreens. There was 2 story cabin, a guest house and a garage housing the “toys” (snowmobile, ATV’s, snowboard equipment, etc.)

After a quick tour, we were able to settle in. It was quickly brought to my attention that a 24 pack of Pepsi   had been brought and was waiting in the refrigerator for me! What great hospitality! I was eager to relax and spend some time with the BF’s family. After about an hour we all started to get cabin fever. The living room wasn’t small, but certainly too small for 9 people   and 4 dogs. I, along with the BF, his brother, and sister-in-law decided to go for a ride on the ATV’s.

Our weekend carried on the following manner:

  • Eat a ridiculously large breakfast of eggs, toast, waffles, pancakes, bacon, fruit, etc.

  • Ride ATV’s

  • Eat lunch

  • Spend time together on the humongous back porch

  • Watch the wildlife come eat out of the feeder set up under the balcony (deer, turkeys, squirrels)

  • Ride ATV’s

  • Prepare dinner over the fire pit

  • Roast Marshmallows

  • Watch a scary movie

  • Go to bed, and appreciate that I could actually see stars

I had a really good time and am so glad I got to go and get away. I always love spending time with the BF’s nieces and think it’s so cute that Margarita Mallory no longer calls me “Mon-kin” (pronounced Moh-n-kin), but now refers to me as “Beh-beh”. She’s heard the BF refer to me that way so many times, she thinks it’s my name!

Now I’m home. Back to studying, back to blah. When is the next 3 day weekend?!?
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