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Did anyone catch the Season Premier of Glee last night? Neither did, but I TiVo'd it. I never saw the first season, but after all of the hype, I had to see what it was about. I watched this morning, and overall it was very different from anything on TV right now which I LOVE! The music was fantastic, and I found myself actually giggling (not quite laughing) through most of the episode. The only negative is Jayne Lynch. Does anyone agree with me when I say that every character this woman plays is absolutely repulsive? If you didn't catch it, check out Glee on Wednesday nights 9pm PST on Fox. Bonus: Mr. Schuester is totally hot!

PS. Sorry about the not-so-great quality


In August of 2008 I pre-ordered The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide. After pre-ordering I discovered it would not be available until December 2008. Well my friends, it's now September 2009, and I still have not seen my book. In fact, I forgot all about it until in today's mail I received a letter. This letter was from Barnes & Nobel thanking me for my payment and informing me that due to an apparent Law Suit against Stephanie Meyer, the book will not be released until December 31, 2010!!! Are you kidding me? by then my fascination will be over... Not really, but come on. At least put the $11 (I had a coupon) back in my account until then. Thanks.


Evan and I are both running for CSUN Senate office. Basically every Collage at UNLV has a chance to have representatives in the student senate. Apparently the collage of Life Sciences NEVER has people run, so our chances of winning are pretty good. Wish us Luck, and if you're a student, "Don't be mean, Vote For Green(s)!"


I am in serious need of new make-me-beautiful-products. I'm out of just about everything I use daily, but I currently can not afford everything I need because I'm trying to pay my $3000 Fall tuition. I found a website called BlushBeauty.com and I think I'm in love. Normally my Dermalogica face wash is $42 a bottle, but I found it for $25 and thanks to Kendra over at The Angarolas Dirty Laundry for telling me about RetailMeNot.com, I found a coupon for 10% off so I also got the face lotion!

I also am also running low on my Bare Minerals make-up... all of it. Foundation, Warmth, Bisque, and Mineral Veil! I only know of two places to buy it, the Fashion Show Mall or ULTA. I was reviewing prices online, and the trip was going to cost me close to $100 with tax, YIKES! Again thanks to Retail Me Not I found promotion by Glamour Magazine for 20% off the order! If you shop at the Bare Escentuals website between now and October 5th and use Coupon Code: GLAMOUR for your discount. I also had a coupon from a previous order which was very exciting. For both my Dermalogica order and Bare Minerals order I saved $98!!!


I took my first Organic Chemistry Quiz today. As the girl sitting next to me put it, "What a Joke!" And not in a good way... First of all our professor only gave us 10 minutes to do 30 problems!!! Are you kidding me? When I'm doing homework it takes me 10 minutes to do 1 problem! Secondly this quiz was only on 2 chapters, and let me tell you, I know these two chapters. I've studies so much that if I wanted to I could repeat Chapters 12 & 16 of the McMurry Organic Chemistry 7th edition to you... Verbatim! However when we got our quizzes, I didn't recognize any of the material... Well parts of it, but mostly everything was new to me! I actually answered 4 problems. By that I mean I read the question, sort of knew what it was talking about, then got lost so I put the answer I thought was best. Just as I got to question #5 time was up and test was over! As my professor yelled at us, for the 3rd time, to turn in our quizzes, I hurriedly penciled ABCD consecutively for the remaining 26 questions. I swear, I hate O-chem.

The Bros, the BF and I had a Trilogy Tuesday this week b/c the BF has never seen LOTR, looser. Anyway, I loved it so much it inspired me to create my own ring! It's an "aromatic benzene Ring" with Elvish writing that says "I hate O-Chem" and it really does have dark powers. I am pretty sure I will look like a she-Gollum by the end of the semester!

What's going on in your life this week?

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  1. I had the same make-up problem last week...and a miracle occured. Sean found two Macys gift cards that we had left over from our wedding--SWEET!!!!! I always wear Aveda and Benefit, so i was able to get all my benefit stuff and then tried some new stuff so I didn't have to go to Aveda. Good luck on the campain...it was the same at BYU for health and human performance, so I was in it the last two years of my college experience. Good times. Good luck in ochem...i DO NOT envy you AT ALL.

  2. Would it be possible to get a post of the BF I hear so much about?


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