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The Sparrow

This weekend at the cabin the BF's Sister-in-Law had brought a few movies to keep us entertained in case of rainy weather. One of the movies was called, "The Uninvited." My BF's neice who is turning 3 on Monday, was infatuated by the movie cover.

Through out the weekend she brought me the movie cover and would repeatedly ask the same questions regarding it:

"What hims doing?" (42 times)

"What hims name?" (17 times)

"Hims a monster?" (6 times)

Each time she would ask a question, my initial reaction was that of annoyance. However I remembered something my mom e-mailed me a few weeks ago, and so, rather than brush off this little girls inquisitions, I answered every time.

"It's a girl Hunny, and she's looking in the window, like this..." (I would go outside to the deck and shut the screen door which also had lattice work, hold my hands around my face and peek in the house to show her)

"Her name is," I hadn't seen the movie so I quickly read the back cover of the case, "Rachael".

"No baby, she's not a monster, she's just a girl, but the pictures makes her look scary, huh?"

If you're wondering how I was able to keep my cool, and answer the questions EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY CAME UP, here it is:

I know movies can be a pain to watch, but I promise this will warm your heart.

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