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Girls Who Write in Diaries

Boys that Write in Diaries

This is Colby's bestie, Steve:

The other day, Steve sent me the following text message:

I told him I had not seen it, but I'd check it out.
I TiVo'd it last night and watched this morning.
Not as good as Twilight
But a million times better than True Blood
(which is not hard, anything is)

I think I like it. I hardly ever have time to watch TV anymore (sad), so it will be TiVo'd every week and sit in the queue until the semester is over and I have time to watch.
For a slightly embellished episode synopses, check out Busy Bee Lauren, she summed it up pretty well (and added a few scripted lines of her own).

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  1. #1 Don't ever bad mouth True Blood again, it's awesome!

    #2 Nothing will ever be as good as Twlight

    #3 I watched Vampire Diaries and really liked it. Opening I was like... They ripped off Twlight, but now I am seeing good vamp vs. bad and I am diggin it.

    #4 I think I would like to become a Vampire myself.

    #5 Send Steve my love...

  2. #1 Kendra, you're funny. I love True Blood as well! (but it's ok that you do not)
    #2 I myself don't want to become a vampire, but I so wanna marry one!
    #3 Tell Steve I said wassup too! and colby and my "nicest person" twin from h.s.:)


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