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Dr. Hova

The following is a conversation I had while trying to eat lunch in busy cafe. As I was walking to my table I heard a man shout:

Stranger #1 (obviously in the medical field or an appreciator of fine art): "Oh-em-gee! Look at her nose!"

Stranger #2 (clearly enthused): "Uh huh".

Meanwhile I just stand there looking like an idiot with an are-you-talking-about-me-face.

Stranger #1: "You have the most amazing profile! Turn sideways, let me get a better look."

I obliged him for curiosity's sake even though my face exemplified total humiliation.

Stranger #1: "Man! The degree of slope is almost perfect. You have a great nose."

Me: "Well thank you, I've always been a little self conscious of it."

Stranger #2: "What? Why?"

Me: "A girl in high school used to make fun of me. She said it was big and knobby..."

Stranger #1: "No, it's great, and it goes really well with your face..."

Just as I was about to thank him he asked,

Stranger #1: "Who was your doctor?"

Say whaaaa? (Short pause...)

Me: "Dr. Hova."

Stranger #2: "I don't believe I know him, what's his first name?"

Me: "I'm not sure, but I think it started with a J..."

Stranger #1: "I'm sure you don't, but do you happen to have his business card?"

Me: "Nnn..."
I started... But then I remered, I did have HIS card. I handed him a Pass Along Card and with that, I returned to my table.

PS. If you're interested you can click here for free media about Dr. "J. Hova". Some of the videos are really good.

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