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What's Your Flavor?

Tonight the BF and I got to spend some time together, something very rare now days. We were at his house and I got a craving for Buffalo Wild Wings. I used to eat there once or twice a week, but it's been almost 10 months since I last enjoyed some wings. He happens to live right across the street from one, so we also enjoyed a nice walk.

We started with some Mini Corn Dogs, which I’ve never had before. I’ve eaten thousands of corn dogs, just not mini ones so I was excited {I love tiny foods, they are a close second to sparkly things}. I tried them with Honey Mustard, something else I’ve never eaten before, and found that I quite like it, especially when mixed with ketchup.

It was then time to order, I got my usual Honey BBQ and BF got 6 Asian Zing, and 6 Caribbean Jerk. When we got our food, his smelled wonderful! He went on and on about the flavor of the Asian Zing, I was almost jealous, but was hesitant to try his for fear of the spice. As I ate my Honey BBQ, my tongue started to feel the heat. My nose began running, my forehead perspired, and heavy breathing through my mouth commenced. All of these ailments occur whenever I eat something hotter than ketchup.

BF laughed and taunted me, saying that Honey BBQ wasn’t hot at all, and I was a wimp. He told a story of his friend who did the BWW challenge and ate 12 Blazin’ wings in under 6 minutes. He even got our waiter in on the fun. I explained that I’ve only ever eaten this flavor because my brothers told me it was the mildest. The waiter took my side pointing out that Sweet BBQ was actually the “least hot” and that Honey BBQ was a level 6, in the medium category! He also pointed out that Asian Zing and Caribbean Jerk (which weren’t “hot” to the BF, but “comfortable”) were only 2 spots above my sauce.

After gasps of air to cool my mouth, a whole basket of celery and ranch, and two full glasses of ice water, I was able to finish my wings, and make enough faces of discomfort to entertain BF through our meal.

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