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Aww Crap, I broke a nail

Lately my fingernails have been getting really long.  {I heard once that hair and nails grow faster in warm weather.}  However, with the fantastic length, comes major breakage.  Unfortunately for me, my nails always seem to break all the way down, right at the base!  Recently, I found a YouTube video with a trick on how to fix this problem. 



I've been trying it now for over a month, and I have to say, I'm sold!  It's called the "Tea Bag Method" and is super easy to do, and can be done with items you may already have. 

  1. Start with clean, dry nails.  Go ahead and file/shape your nails, and remove the cuticles.
  2. Take a single tea bag, and remove any tea leaves.  Then cut a small square out of the bag using any household scissors.
  3. Using a base coat nail polish, apply a dot over the crack in your fingernail, and then cover one side of the tea bag square as well.
  4. Place the tea bag- polished side down over the crack- and smooth out using a small nail tool.  For added strength, wrap a small edge of the tea bag around the edge of your nail and again smooth out.  To secure this edge, apply more base coat to the underside of your nail. 
  5. Let dry, and the apply base coat to the rest of your nail.

Tada!  If you choose to just wear clear top coat, you can barely see the tea bag {it was almost invisibl on 2 of my 3 cracks}, however, once you paint your nails, you won't even notice it's there!  I'm not sure how long the tea bags will hold up because I've been changeing my polish & tea bags about once a week for the last 3 weeks.  It only takes a few extra minutes of "Manicure time" but it is SO TOTALLY worth it!

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  1. I have seen this done with a tissue as well! I have yet to try it...I feel like I would screw it all up! LOL


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