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Baby It's Cold Outside!
Part 1

Here in Sin City, the coldness is really starting to creep in {and I'm already over it}.  My skin and hair are in need of some serious  Winterizing.  This is the first of a three part series with some tips on how I'm changing up my beauty routine during the winter months with their freezing temperatures and dry air.  I realize it comes late for many readers, but until a week ago, I was still wearing shorts! {Not really}

Listed below are some things I'm doing to battle the dry weather.


  1. Keep the temperature of shower/bath water to just above warm. I love a steaming hot shower as much as the next guy, but hot water robs skin of moisture leaving me feeling dry and itchy.
  2. Switch from shower gel (or bar soap) to a moisturizing body wash. Dove has fantastic products, bars and body washes that are full of moisturizers so my skin stays hydrated and smooth.
    a. Dove Beauty Bar in White or Pink
    b. Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash
  3. Men: stay away from deodorizing body washes and soaps. These products are high in alcohol content and science student knows that H2O and OH- (alcohols) don’t mix. Again, opt for a more moisturizing cream instead of a gel.
    a. CO Bigelow Men’s Hair & Body Wash
  4. As with body washes, it's time to change the face cleanser. Stay away from gels and use a cream product, as well as upgrading the oil/dryness factor. If you usually purchase products for normal skin, try using a dry skin formula.
    a. Olay Daily Facials Hydrating Cleansing Cloths
  5. Stay away from shampoos that claim to be “Volumizing.” These can actually dry out your hair and give you lots of static later in the day. I use Purology’s Hydrate System, but try TRESemme for a cheaper alternative.
    a. TRESemme Moisture Conditioner Vitamin E Shampoo and Conditioner
    b. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner
  6. If you usually exfoliate once a week cut that number back to once every two weeks. Also some girls think since it is winter they don’t need to shave their legs {myself being one of them }. I’m all about self insulation, but shaving actually helps to exfoliate dead skin on your legs, so keep those razors working ladies!
    a.  Exfoliating Gloves
    b.  Women's razors
  7. Don’t “vigorously” towel dry after your shower. Pat your skin dry. That way there is enough moisture leftover to make for effective moisturizing.

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  1. Call me crazy, but I have never heard of exfoliating gloves! I'll have to look for those next time I go to the store.
    Although it's not good for volume, I started using Paul Mitchell Super Skinny (Shampoo, conditioner and serum) and it has kept my hair so shiny and moisturized this winter! I love it!
    Have you ever tried Venus' razors that have soap on the sides so you don't have to use shaving cream? They're more pricey than Venus Embrace, but oh have they made me love shaving! A-mazing!! :)
    Little Miss Paige

  2. P.S. Water For Elephants is SOO good! I loved reading it and can't wait for the movie to come out! :)

  3. LMP- The gloves are THE BEST! They make exfoliating so easy, and because they kind of feel like sandpaper, you never knew your skin could be so soft! Honestly, I haven't tried that razor, I normally don't shave my legs, I wax them... But (shh don't tell) I have been going au naturale for about a month... Hey, it's cold and I need insulation! Also, I actually listened to Water for Elephants on audiobook, and for whatever reason the last 2 chapters didn't download. I listened to it like three months ago, and I still have no clue how it ends; I guess R-Pats & Reese will have to fill me me in when I see the movie!


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