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Hump Day

Today I'm wearing:

Gray Trousers
White Tank Top
Blue Cardigan
Black Flats
Black Belt

Today I've eaten: 

1 bite of a Dunkin Donut.  I don't even like donuts, but had pink frosting and sprinkles... so I had to taste it
2 cup of noodles, beef flavor, delicious
1 Banana
1 giant handfulls of almonds

Today I've drank:

1 bottle of water
1/2 glass instant apple cider
1/2 can of Mountain Dew
1/2 Strawberry Banana Naked Juice
3 Vitiman Waters

Hmm, I've been really trying to eat a little better, so epic fail there, and that Mountain Dew is the first caffeine I've had in almost four months.  I've ruined my streak!  I don't mind though, today, I really deserved it.  I didn't sleep more than three hours last night.  Plus, it's only 3:00 pm, I still have time to have a "healthy day."

BF and I joined some work colleagues for sushi last night.  I'm always hesitant when it comes to sushi, because first and foremost, I don't like fish.  I don't eat fish.  Ever.  Except for three dishes, namely: (1.) Tuna fish sandwiches (2.) My mom's grilled salmon patties- covered in lemon juice, I might add (3.) Sometimes, and a very rare sometimes, I'll eat Talapia, BF's brother makes a mean breaded/grilled talapia.

Anyway, we went to eat sushi, and I ordered two dishes that I am familiar with and know I can eat, and keep down.  Well dinner turned into "family style" and most of my rolls were eaten by others, leaving me to eat whatever else was on the table.  I'm guessing there was A CRAP TON of crab in those "leftover" rolls, because I was sick with my head in the toilet most of last night.  It began as a small stomach ache, but by 3:00 am, I was fast becoming best friends with the porcelain throne. 

This morning, I still didn't feel good, and so I laid in bed until 7:45... did I mention I have to be to work at 8:00am?

I'm surprised that with just a few makeup tricks and finishing touches, I look surprisingly put together.  In fact, I've been receiving compliements on my "top-knot" all day!

What do you wear when you've got to get ready in a hurry? Tell me in the comments.

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Happy Humpday!

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  1. I usually wear slacks and a tank with a cardigan, pull my hair into a low ponytail (its short so if I put it in a high one it just looks messy and not professional) and I ALWAYS use benefit eye bright! I love that stuff! O and mascara, blush and pink lipgloss:)

    My email is kprothe@gmail.com

  2. So we aren't allowed to wear sweats to school. So when I am in a hurry I have a white skirt that is my fall-back because it matches EVERYTHING. I usually put leggings under it so I can sit however I want and then put whatever shirt I find first. And my hair is either done scrunched or up in a bun. Fast, but effective. I'm sure if we were allowed to wear sweats I would wear them far too often, so its probably a good rule!

    who knew this would turn into a novel! haha.
    and ps, my email is brightonislove@gmail.com

  3. I wear my hair down because it's naturally curly (I usually straighten it every day) and make sure I put on mascara and a bright lip gloss. A far as clothes I'll wear jeans or slacks depending on where i'm going and a nice cardigan.


  4. Dang, your put together in a hurry is a heck of a lot cuter than mine; which usually involves a hoodie and tennis shoes! Usually mascara and lip gloss is about all on those days. So sorry you were so sick; that's completely miserable.

  5. Black slacks are always my go-to for a quick outfit, and I really just grab any dress shirt, I iron all my clothes usually once a week, it really speeds up my morning process. A little mascara and lip gloss, hair in a low pony (if unable to wash it) and I'm ready!
    Love the blog, I just recently started reading!

  6. You look very Sydney P'ish here with your bun and belt style! Love it!
    I usually throw on my skinny jeans plus a shirt and cardigan on the days that I have to get ready in a hurry

  7. Thankfully I work from home so sometimes it's PJ's until the wee afternoon hours. :) I swear sometimes my husband goes a few days without seeing me in 'real' clothes, poor man. And top knots are bomb. The end.

  8. LOVE your outfit!!!


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