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Hakuna Matata

Simba: Hukana Matata??
Pumbaa: It's our motto.
Simba: What's a motto?
TimonNothing. What's a motto with you?

Remember how I was somewhat struggling with what to get my family for Christmas this year?  Well, I just decided that "a trip to the world cup" was ridiculous, so I got everyone the same thing, and I got something I would enjoy... Tickets to The Lion King! 

My family loves Disney movies, and I love stage shows, so I figured it was a win-win gift for everyone!  The show has been playing here in town at the Mandalay Bay for a while now, so when I heard that this was their last year here, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase tickets. 

For Christmas, I wrapped these little lion toys.  No one was overly enthused when they opened them, until I said, "keep digging."  Then, when they found the tickets, they got really excited.

Tonight we all went to the show! Oh my gosh, I.HAVE.NO.WORDS.  It was seriously that incredible.  The music, the costumes, even our seats were amazing, if I do say so myself! 

It took everything I had to remember-that-people-paid-to-see-the-show-not-listen-to-me-belt-out-every-single-song, and remember-that-this-the-theater-and-it-is-not-befitting-behavior-for-a-woman-my-age-to-stand-up-and-dance-whenever-the-urge-hits.

It was so nice to have my whole family there, together.  I know that since my parent's divorce, it isn't always comfortable for them to be together, but one of my biggest worries when they separated was honestly, "What about our weddings?"  I have photographed weddings where parents were divorced, and things can get ugly; one parent won't be in a photo if the other parent is, etc.  I'm just grateful that mine aren't like that, and that we are able to still do things "as a family." 

For anyone who hasn't had the chance to see this production, I highly recommend it.
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