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I have very sad news, my "work bestie," is leaving, sad face.  She decided to take a job that is offering more money, and I can't say I blame her.  Still, I wonder who I'm going to talk to whilst trying to get over the 2:30 hump. Will I like whoever replaces her?  Ugh, I hate change.


This morning, I thought of what article of clothing I wanted to wear (striped skirt).  Then I asked myself, "hmm, what would I normally never wear with this?"  And so I put that on (denim shirt), and added a few accessories.  This has been my get-dressed-thought-process the last few days.

I love this outfit this much; and I got lots of compliments today, even though I kind of resemble a Boy Scout.  It makes sense seeing as how I spent some time yesterday rummaging around Gibber-snibb's old "scout uniforms" box, I found the socks and belt, and tada!  I was dressed for the day, mission Dress-yo-self accomplished.

*Side note*  I had a really good "good pictures" day today.  I'm not sure if it was because co-worker/partner in crime and I shot these in the morning rather than in the afternoon, the fact that I'm actually wearing makeup, or the Mystic tan I got last night (never get one of these, they look great but it was my first time and I stunk like sour sushi and burnt potatoes all night)... Whatever it is, I had over 50, "Wow these are really good pictures" from this session.  FIFTY!  That's unheard of!  I bet its because it's Friday.

Co-worker/photographer was in l♥ve with the fact that I matched the fire hydrant. 


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  1. When I try and use your email link, it says it no longer works :( I don't know if I'm the only one that us having this problem.

  2. Horizontal stripes on the bottom that don't make you look wider? You have a rockin' bod!

  3. @From Suns To Moons
    It's a MYTH!!! My hips are 11.5" bigger around than my shoulders, and I was SHOCKED to see that didn't look humungous in this skirt! I've also noticed that horizontal stripes make my waist look smaller and my boobs look bigger. It's a wonder pattern!


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