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Cupid's Arrow | Day 2

Day 2

L♥v-ah: Write a short but thoughtful letter to your significant other.  A letter means on paper, with a writing utensil, not an e-mail, text message, or online post.  Once your letter is written, send it in the mail for real, stamps and all!  I did this for BF once, only I didn't write a full-on letter, I wrote Morgan ♥ [insert BF's real name here] and decorated it with crayons- high school style.  I mailed it to him and never said anything about it.  I know he really appreciated it because he has had it taped to his bathroom mirror ever since he got it, and he doesn't have any artwork hanging at his house except for photos of the M's.

L♥vesGather some supplies from around the house or make a quick trip to the store.  Create a cheesy but sweet "I love you" card for your loved ones for less than $1.00.  The point here is to have some fun!  Remember those cards we made for our parents in kindergarden with macaroni and construction paper... my parents still have a bunch of them, so I know the cards meant a lot.  Like the saying goes, "it's the thought that counts."

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