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The Good, The Bad, The Hillarious
Weekend Edition

Saturday Night Movie

The Good:  The movie.  We saw The Eagle in a sold out, jam packed theater.  I didn't know anything about it when we went , so I was pleasantly surprised.

The Bad:
Me to BF:  *sniff sniff*  in a whisper:  "Did you just fart?"
BF: No
Me: But it smells like one of yours....
BF: trying not to laugh No, no, no, no...
Me: Are you sure... it smells like....
BF: Trust me, it doesn't

The Hilarious:  BF and I laughing so hard- but not making any noise- that my face and stomach hurt the rest of the movie.  Even worse, after about five minutes of laughter, we both took in that satisfying recovery breath only to notice... *GAG* the fart had lingered!!!  It was so bad we couldn't help but have another round of silent laughter.


The Good: Sunday after-church nap

The Bad: Waking up around six o'clock, throwing on clothes, and crying because I was late for seminary.

The Hilarious: Remembering I graduated seminary almost 9 years ago, and it's not six in the morning, it was in fact, dinner time.

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