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Cupid's Arrow | Day 4

Day 4

L♥v-ahThe way to the heart is through the stomach.  This old saying holds true even to this day.  Today, show your special someone you care by making their favorite meal, or dessert.  The key here is to make it, not go to a restaurant.  The effort is what counts.  To make things really special, use wine glasses, light some candles, and play some romantic music.  Since BF is a chef, he cooks for me all the time, but it he really appreciates it when I cook for him.  I'm not great, or even good for that matter, but the important thing is that I make the effort, and he gets the night off.
L♥vesBuy your friend or family member a small gift.  This could be their favorite candy bar, or a little gag-gift from the dollar store.  Write a little note on it and leave it on their front porch.  Better yet, swing by their office and drop it off to brighten up their ho-hum work day!  My brothers get so excited when I call from the gas station and ask if they would like me to bring them a drink or a candy bar.  Showing someone you love them doesn't have to be a big ordeal, it's all about the small things.

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