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Ryan Ryan I + You

Last night while watching Glee, I fell in love with the necklace Finn gave Rachael.  Rachael always wears tiny gold necklaces and each one is just adorable.  In past episodes she has worn an "R" one that says "Finn" a "XO" and a treble cleft.  All have been cute, but Finn's gift made me say, "Ooo, I really want that!"

While there are a lot of gold star necklaces out there and readily available, this morning, I've been on a desperate search to find the exact same one.  Guess what?!?  I FOUND IT!  It is available in 10K or 14K Gold or White Gold from Ryan Ryan Company for $195 - $205.  RR also created the "R" necklace and the Finn necklace she's worn previously.  It is taking every effort on my part to not splurge and buy this necklace right.this.minute, but I really need to practice patients and stick to my budget... How many more days are left in February?!?

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  1. Lucky for you February is the shortest of the year! That star is so cute, such a lovely idea! Hope you have a great Vday! xo


  2. not too many days left! like cess said, at least it's the shortest month! such a cute necklace - definitely unique!


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