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Things have been a little "slow" over here in MissPrissMorgan Land.  The semester is almost over, and I set a goal that I would NOT study at all during Finals Week.  I don't want the stress, and quite frankly, I really really really like to sleep.  I've been studying up a storm so that my last week of school can be as stress free as possible.  I am a HUGE procrastinator, and usually just don't go to bed the night before a test;  Mocha's and No Doze usually do the trick when pulling an all nighter.  Lately, my daily routine has consisted of working out, school and "hitting the books."  It really is quite exciting.  NOT.

Made this "multiple me" photo awhile back, it explains to a T how I'm feeling.

Moving right along...

Last night BF and I had a date night!  It's been awhile...  He still has my debit card and refuses to let me buy anything, even if it is to buy him dinner.  We are working hard to save spending money for the cruise (17 days!!!), and I'm also saving for summer school.  Anyway, last night, we met with a bunch of friends at a Mediterranean Restaurant.  I've never eaten "Mediterranean" food per se.  One of my best friends is Greek, so I've eaten Lamb, and Grape Leaves, and Baklava.  A few months ago I tried hummus for the first time... But that is the extent of my exposure to Mediterranean food.

One of the guys we went with has a sister who is the chef/waitress {it's a really small place} of the restaurant.  She made all of our food, and basically brought us a small serving of every item on the menu.  There were 5 of us, and we ate EVERYTHING!  It was so delicious, and I ate so much, I had to unbutton AND unzip my pants!  I'm fairly certain that it is my new favorite cuisine.  She even brought us one of each of the four desserts.  I specifically made sure to order the Pistachio ice cream, and when she brought out an "individual serving," I kid you not it was slightly more than a pint of nutty-green-goodness!  Fatty over here ate almost all of it {I did have some help from the other Morgan}!
We have been having fabulous weather lately.  It has been sunny and in the high 80's.  We even reached 90° on Monday!!!  Today, however, we have 25 mph winds and it is only 53°!  It is definitely a sweatpants/sweatshirt kind of day.  Speaking of sweatpants, is there anything greater?  I definitely am not Mean Girl material, because I have been wearing them on more days then just Fridays.  Just about every afternoon around 4 or so, I feel the need to snuggle into my sweatpants.  Because it has gotten so hot here lately, certain people living in my house feel the need to blast the air conditioning at 70°.  Freeeezing.

Today I completed Week 1 of P90X.  Seriously, I did it for an hour or more every single day.  I love it!  It really is not as hard as everyone said it was, and I'm surprised that I'm not that sore...  My hip sockets, and armpits hurt like crazy {from yoga}, and my abs are sore from doing the Ab Ripper every other day, but that's about it.

I should mention that I am a quitter.  I quit everything.  However, I really think I will try to keep up with this workout for 90 days.  I love how the workout is different each day, and different body parts are worked each day.  When my arms feel like spaghetti, it's OK because that night, Tony works my legs {that kind of sounded dirty}.  Wonderful.  I don't see any results yet, obviously, but I notice I am sleeping (not just better, but this insomniac is actually sleeping) and I have lots of energy.  I'm sold on the program, not only is little bro doing it with me, I got BF and his roommate in on the fun as well!  We are all going to look like Greek statues by summer!

Happy Humpday!

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