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Willy Billy

My best friend since 7th grade, Will, was in town this weekend. 

Just a quick back story on how we became friends:

In the 7th grade I had a crush on Will.  My best friend, Christina, was supposed to call him and "talk to him for me."  Remember when your friends did that?  Anyway, my plan backfired.  Instead of asking Will if he liked me, Chrissy started to like him.  She told him that I was a witch and was casting love spells on him.  Something about pink candles in a church yard...  The details escape me, but Will remembers everything.  Anyway, her story worked, because she started "going out" with him, and he thought I was crazy.  After that, we became besties.  {It is weird that he won't date witches, but he'll be best friends with one.}  He quickly discovered that I am not, nor ever was a witch, AND that I am totally awesome.

Horrible iPhone pictures

Back to my story.

We didn't get a chance to really go out like we usually do, but he was able to stop by for a little bit.  I swear on my life he was put on this planet to remind me what a ridiculous individual I am.  He loves to make fun of me, and I think that is what keeps our friendship so strong, he keeps me grounded.  If ever I were to become famous, he would probably call me everyday just to remind me that I am a silly little girl.

While he was here, he discovered my blog!!!  He got a kick out of it, and for some reason was embarrassed for me.  He said that reading my blog in my presence was like watching a friend bomb an American Idol audition and watching the episode while they are in the same room.  I'm aloof to why he thinks it is embarrassing...  He did, however, compliment my writing ability. {Thanks Willy Billy}

Anyway he has now decided to start his own blog.  The concept behind his blog is that every time I make a post, he will leave a post on his blog making fun of my blog post.  If he goes through with it, it should be good for a laugh.

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  1. I've finally made it. I am famous.

  2. Congrats to your bro!
    and . . .
    I gave you an award on Friday!! (I'm a little late announcing it!)
    Hope you had a great weekend!


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