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Morning Sunshine

While lying in bed last night I got a craving for scrambled eggs and toast. Rather than spoil myself, I decided I would wait and make it for breakfast. It was here that the beginning of another "Domestic Goddess" story began...

Once upon a time two people decided to make breakfast. The girl was a lovely domestic goddess, any man would be lucky to have her for a wife. The other, was a dumb boy.

Domestic Goddess: Mmm I love scrambled eggs... but only when my grandma makes them...
Dumb Boy: Oh yea? What's so special about those eggs?

Domestic Goddess: She makes them really special, she adds milk and eggs, and she strains them before she pours them in the pan.
Dumb Boy: Well that's how everyone makes them...

Domestic Goddess:But they don't add her secret ingredient...
Dumb Boy: Which is?

Domestic Goddess: I think it's vanilla
Dumb Boy: You think wrong... that's disgusting.

Domestic Goddess: Seriously, I want them JUST LIKE my grandma's, I think we should add the vanilla.

Dumb Boy: No way.

{While dumb boy was't looking, Domestic Goddess dropped in 2 drops of vanilla}

{As we sat down to eat}

Domestic Goddess: **Taste taste taste**  {In super slow-mo movie mode} DOOOON'T EEEEAAAT THE EEGGGSS!!!! **jumps across table to grab fork from Dumb boy**

{Too Late}

Dumb Boy (DB): ICK! Are you kidding me?!?

{spits out eggs and throws remainder of plate's contents in trash}


No folks, it is NOT a good idea to put vanilla in eggs... My grandma does however, suggest putting vanilla, along with eggs and milk into French Toast batter...

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