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Things I'm +ing!

1. Autumn! My favorite season! The smell, the cool crisp air, the colors. I went jogging for an hour today (which i never do) simply to have a reason to be outside. While running I listened to The Tudors soundtrack which made the whole "♥ing autumn" thing even more magical!

2. My parents house. I ♥ how they always have milk in the house and at least 6+ different cereals to choose from at any given moment. I ♥ that there's always have scented candles lit. Now that it's autumn, I especially ♥ Home Sweet Home and Cinnamon Stick. They make me feel like I'm home when I smell them! Lastly, cleanliness. My mom raised us to clean for a white glove test, even in places no one would think to wipe a white glove. I used to hate it, and wondered why I needed to dust the wood trim on the bottom of my dresser, or wipe down the floor boards behind the bookcase, or dust off the light bulbs in my ceiling fan, but now I appreciate it. I love coming home to a clean, uncluttered, smells-good-like-bleach--Pledge-and clean laundry house. It takes the worries of the world right away!

3. Busy season at work. More people are making more reservations and willing to wait up to 2 hours for a table! This means more shifts for staff members, all leading up to more money for me!

5. My little brother always knowing when I need a "wingman" or a "code red" when it comes to guys. He's so observant of these types of things. I'm not good at expressing feelings, or putting my thoughts into words, so it's nice that we have ESP and he just knows what I need, even if it's just a friend.

6. Knowing the Holidays are just around the corner!

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