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Old Dogs, New Tricks

Tonight my mom and I had a little girls night! We went and ate at Pey Wey and then saw Nights in Rodanthe.

The first time Richard Gere came onto the screen, I heard a little "click" coming from behind me. I disregarded it, but after hearing it EVERY SINGLE TIME Richard Gere was in frame by himself I heard the "click"!

I turned around to see what it was and behind me were 2 women, mid to late seventies and one was taking pictures of Richard Gere with her cell phone!!! I burst out laughing and told my mom, who then had the same reaction!

What made it so great is that it wasn't a real "take-out-your-cell-phone-and-snap-a-quick-shot" kind of instance. It's not as if Richard Gere was actually standing there in person, he was on a movie screen! Sweet old ladies, bless their hearts! haha

PS the best was when the phone clicked 4 times during the "sex scene." OMGROFL!

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