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I can remember the first time I really took notice that I was seriously lacking in the "chest region". I was the 6th grade in the locker room changing for PE. My best friend- and fellow flat chest-er, and I noticed that all the other girls were wearing bras and sexy panties, and both of us were still in underoos with nothing on top...

From that moment on, I desperately wanted bigger boobs. However, my mom was not gifted in that department either, so I determined that ingenuity would have to compensate for what genetics forgot. There was this girl, Lindsey, who was a drama student and aspiring Hollywood actress, who was an acquaintance of mine. She said that once she became famous, she would pay for me to get a breast augmentation. With her not really being a stranger, but not really a friend, I thought the offer was more than fair. Why shouldn't she use her hard earned money to buy ME something?

I finally started to "grow" about my freshman year of high school. Slowly but surely. Thank goodness for miracle bras, water bras, gel curve bras, etc. I couldn't have survived high school without them.

I'm 25 now, and I think it's safe to say, that (at least until I have kids) I'm finished developing. Well 8 years didn't really get me anywhere... I'm still an A cup (if that). However there is one particular variety of Victoria's Secret that says I'm a B!

I've seriously considered heading to the doc and going ahead with surgery, I've had money to pay for it, CASH. But every time I really think about it, I decide against it. I am 5'7" and a size 0-2, my frame couldn't really support anything larger than a B cup. And to be honest, after years and years of insecurity, I actually love my body (all of it)!

I FINALLY got some photos back from the cruise I went on in May. We took pics mostly with disposable film cameras (why oh why?). Most of them are of crap quality, if in fact they turned out. The photo above shows my serious lack of breasts, but I think it's one of the cutest "body" shots I've ever seen of myself. I can join the ranks of Kate Hudson and Keira Knightly and be proud of my tiny ta-ta's!

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