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Restaurants.com ]

In case you didn't know, there is a FANTASTIC little website called Restaurants.com. Basically it's a coupon website where you can go and buy coupons for restaurants. Buy coupons? you ask. I know, I know but it's well worth it.

For example my BF and I went to Rosemary's restaurant a few weeks ago and ended up spending almost $200. We nearly crapped our pants, however it was a special occasion and we had planed on spending.
If I'd known about the website then, I would have known that there is a coupon for $25, cost to me $10. Essentially we would have gotten the $200 worth of food for $185. Not great, but at least I'm saving money, and lately I refuse to pay full price for anything.
Today in my e-mail I found out that my little website is having an 80% off sale!!! In the case of the above example I could have gotten that same $25 coupon but only paid $5!!! Yes that's right my $200 meal would have cost$180.

Anyway, the BF came over, and we stocked up on coupons for restaurants we frequent, and ones we might like to try. In total my shopping cart had $295 worth of food and for all the coupons I only paid $23.60 (tax included)!!! I then did an online survey about the website and they took another $10 off !
I love saving money!
PS here's the promo ad, with coupon code. Get there quick you only have until July 31, and the coupons are selling out fast!

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  1. I was just reading about how much you saved at the grocery store. Have you looked into www.grocerygame.com? Check it out!!!


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