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July 4 (a little late)

This year for the 4th of July, we didn't really have any plans. The whole family couldn't get together, so I suggested a day trip to Zion.

Waiting for the shuttle in Springdale

In front of one of the lookouts. These three mountain peaks are named Abraham, Issac & Jacob (the little white one in the back) of course Evan loved that.

My mom likes to take pictures of scenery. I think pictures are boring unless they have people in them. Oh well, I put some on here, just cause it really was so pretty.

Hiking was SO SO SO hot! Thank goodness our first hike landed us at 1 of 3 Emerald pools. The water was in the shade, and felt soooo good!

Again, it was so hot, anytime we saw running water (whether it was on or off the paths) we went to it and got soaked!

Still at the largest pool, but what are we looking at?

This giant crevasse was above the pool we are standing in, can you see what we're looking at??

See that orange line? Do you know what it is?

These crazy guys are repelling down the cliff!! It was so steep and such a far drop, everyone was just quietly watching & waiting for them to make it down safely.

Because Evan & I are geniuses and chose to go hiking in flip-flops, we had to help each other across these wet & slippery rocks

This trail is the Riverside Walk. It's more suitable for those of us who aren't wearing proper foot attire.

You wouldn't know from looking at me, but I'm incredibly strong.


Walking at the base of the Narrows. I slipped on gross mud and totally scraped up my arms and legs. I felt like I was 5 years old again.

Overall it was a fun, easygoing, and HOT day. We made it back to town just in time for fireworks (my favorite part).

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