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+ Spanish Love Song +

I find it difficult to learn a foreign language unless I practice every day.
In trying to learn Spanish I never use English when I talk to people who speak Spanish.
For example I’ll ask the dishwasher at my work for clean forks:
Necesito tenedores por favor.”
I also frequently tell my brother {who is fluent} that he is ugly. Thus beginning a wonderful "practice" conversation jam-packed with friendly banter.

I have found it helpful to make up little songs.
I usually sing these songs when I greet someone.
I will ask them questions, and then respond myself, so as to get in all the practice I can handle.
My songs don’t really have a “tune” per se.
They are more along the lines of me sounding out each word mono-syllabically and alternating between a high and low note.
{singing:} “Ho-la. ¿-mo es-ta? Yo soy bi-en. Gra-ci-as. De na-da,
For example.
I even make up songs when practicing my flash cards.
They’re brilliant

I am learning a lot, and yet sometimes I feel like it isn't enough.
I can put together basic sentences,
but I am not able to hold a conversation
or speak about past or future events.

Today in my Spanish class we watched a video which was completely in {español}.
The point was for us to see just how much we have learned so far this semester.
I must be super smart, because I knew exactly what Rico Suave was singing about!

{I bet it was because I practice my songs so much}
My only concern was how the Señorita was able to keep a straight face through it
because I could not stop laughing.

{PS. The scrolling message under the video is the translation JIC}

{Hover over the text if you need to pause the scrolling}

Hello little lady
What is your name?

They call me Mike

They call me Mike.

Where is the bathroom?

Happy Birthday

What time is it?

What time is it?

I like the library

I live in a red house

I have two bicycles

Thank you very much

and you're welcome.

How old are you?

One minute please

{It's the one semester of spanish Spanish Love Song}

My mom is beautiful

My cat is very white

Pardon me

Pardon me!

1, 2, 3, and 4

5, 6, 7, 8

9, 10... No "remembro" how to say 11

Antonio Banderes

Nachos Grande

and Cinnamon Twists

{It's the one semester of spanish Spanish Love Song}

This is EXACTLY what first semester Spanish is like.

What do you do to help you learn new things?

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