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Beware of Ghosts

The other night I heard a "knock knock knock" on my door.

Since I was home-alone, I decided not to answer {"Just because they knock doesn't mean you have to answer, the door is for your protection" ~Mom}.

The knock knock knock-ing turned into ring ring ring-ing and then some more knock knock knock- ing. Figuring it was an emergency I decided to at least check the peephole.

It was the little girl from next door. She is about 8 years old. She handed me a piece of paper and informed me that her and her friend would be holding a Haunted House in her garage for one night only.

Once it got dark, I walked over to her garage.

There were no lights and it was quite dark except for home-made Halloween pictures that donned the walls... Alyah's grandma, mom and uncle were shinning flashlights on the 3 or 4 witch and pumpkin drawings.

I walked in a circle as directed by the Sidewalk chalk pathway the girls had created.
As I did this little ghost and goblin noises were coming from the end of the pathway (along with some muffled giggles).

At the very end, two little girls in princess costumes, with their faces painted white, jumped out and said "Boo!"

What a fantastic Haunted House!!! Way better than the Hotel Fear, Castle Vampyre or Morbid Circus... Way better.

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  1. omg that is SOO ridiculously cute!!!!!! what a great way to celebrate Halloween :D

  2. This is the cutest thing I have heard in a long time!!


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