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Bad Day for Green Cars

This morning when my little brother left for work, he noticed his car door was slightly open. He didn't remember leaving it open last night, so he knew something had happened. When he opened his door he saw it.... NOTHING!

That's right there was nothing in his car! For some people this might be a good thing, but Griffin's car is different. His car looks "lived in". Clothes and shoes scattered throughout, CD's and papers everywhere, etc. So when he saw "Nothing" this morning, we knew someone had broken into his car.

They took stuff that we all wonder why would they want... For example, his insurance papers, and car registration papers. The owners manual to his car is gone as well, so were the remaining contents of his glove compartment. However he was most upset that someone actually stole the cab light bulbs, but left the cover!!!

It's too bad, but all the theifs really got was "replacable junk!"

Anyway to make him feel better, I treated him to a little Baskin Robbins, yum!

PS My mom was in a pretty bad car accident today, apparently the whole front end of her suburban is totaled!! She's fine, but really upset about her car. Also, immediately after the crash the other party said they were all ok, until the police showed up, then the lady started complaining that "maybe" her neck hurt. R U Kidding me?!?!?

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