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Holy crap it worked

I saw the following video on PeopleMagazine.com. The headline said:

"Rob Pattinson's 30 Hottest Stares"
Nobody can brood like this vampire!
Check out the Twilight star's sexiest looks

I thought, you've got to be kidding me? Don't get me wrong, "Edward" is sexy, and even "Cedric Diggary" was cute, but this guy looks stoned 99% of the time. His morning routine must be: roll out of bed, threw some olive oil (or some other grease) in hair, down some alcohol and smoke a blunt.

And, are you kidding? A whole video dedicated to "stares"? I had to see.

While I still stand by the above statement, it worked. I swooned.

PS. I am so excited to see This Movie!

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