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Anyone, Anyone?

Does anyone actually read my blog? Since my cruise I've had nearly 800 page hits, so know people read. I'm just curious who you are. I keep it mostly as a journal and while I'm not so good at keeping it up, I do my best. However I was just curious if I have any "blog stalkers" as they are so called? I have enabled comments on my page so anyone can feel free to respond. Please don't be shy or embarrassed, if you're reading my blog, chances are I read yours... and those of your family & friends'....... and their family and friends' blogs!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. you know i do!! it makes me laugh..plus I'm SO a blog stalker!!! Actually, after reading your Bonnie Springs post I told Sean i want to go there some time. I think it's funny about their "petting zoo". I'm pretty sure me and Sean had more exotic animals then they do! ha ha


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