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Breaking Dawn

So of course I, like everyone else, went out and bought Breaking Dawn, and read it all in one night and half a day... And here is what I have to say for it:

  1. I need to add a disclaimer here, so don't get me wrong, I love this series! I'm obsessed and sometimes secretly wish I had vampire powers myself... with that being said

  2. I think we're all on the same purvey page when I say, "Yay, Edward and Bella finally had sex." However, I have to admit that with all of Edward's character descriptions, I found myself asking some inappropriate questions as to the mechanics of how this actually happened, and how it was actually a pleasurable experience for Bella. For example, the numerous details about Edward's skin being so cold, and hard as a rock... That's all I'll say on that topic.

  3. I was disappointed to read almost 200 pages of Sappy, gross, in-love crap. We get that a vampire loves you beyond measure, but if I have to hear about how he makes you eggs three times a day (turn on the food network for crying out loud) or how ALL he cares about in all of eternity is your happiness, I'm going to puke. Real life is not like that... Call me a cynic, but come on. You could have filled those 200 pages with something exciting...

  4. Again as much as I love Edward and the Cullen Family.... I'm choosing Team Jacob! That guy loved Bella just as much, and he had a great sense of humor! Plus he was tan... I'm just saying...
All in all, despite my few complaints, I loved the first 3 books, this one was just "eh". Can't wait for the movie in December!

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