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Falling on the Wagon?

I just recently found this website and it seems like the new cool thing to do is get married, have kids, and start a blog... Sticking with being slightly unconventional, I'm doing this out of order. I'm not married, no kids, but I think I want a blog (plus I just started one for my new business!). Anyway, I'm still not entirely sure what a blog is... An online journal of sorts? A way to let others know what's going on in my life? Whatever. I'll use it however I want!

I just hope I can keep it going! I was looking at my friend Doug's blog ( http://www.dquist.blogspot.com/ ) the other day, and he is just one of those people that cracks me up. I told him I'd totally start a blog but I'm worried I'm not interesting and would have nothing to say!! He told me to do it anyway, so I am!

Anyway, to kick things off, I just got back from a super fun family weekend of ATVing in Panguitch, UT. It was the first time I'd ever ridden one, and the first time our family has been together in quite sometime! I've decided I officially love it and I need some when I grow up, ha ha!

We were having a great time going off jumps and rolling through mud puddles, but after an hour, wouldn't you know, we had an accident! My brother Colby was driving a Rhino and somehow managed to flip it. It landed right on his leg and we were sure it was broken! Evan and Griffin lifted it off while my mom helped him on to her ATV and they rode double back to town and to the hospital. Luckily, he didn't break it, but he did get about 20 stitches!

The rest of the weekend was spent just roaming the countryside, enjoying places like Panguitch Lake, Red Canyon, and Bryce Canyon. What a nice way to wrap up the summer!

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