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A Grateful Zombie

It was bright outside.  I can't work under those conditions.  I needed sunglasses.

I feel nauseous.  That happens to me sometimes when I get really, really tired.  There is a direct link between my lack of sleep and my up-chuck reflex.  Scientists are currently working on finding the connection, and it isactually the basis for my Senior Thesis.  No.  Not really.  My major doesn't require me to write a thesis.  But it sounded good, and added a little sparkle to this blog post.  Thank goodness for No-Doz, or I wouldn't have made it through the numerous cram sessions this week.  I am pleased to report, that mid-terms are over!  And Spring Break starts in exactly six hours.  Not that I have any exciting plans or anything.

My outfit today does not exactly fall under the guidelines of "business casual."  However, after a week of loosing sleep and my brain running out of gas, I decided to push the envelope and wear leggings and a boyfriend cardigan, because it didn't require much thought.  This is as close as I could get to wearing sweats to work without actually wearing sweats to workIngenuity.  That's what I like to call it.  Now, if only I could use this process towards something useful in the world, I might actually make millions.  Dare to dream.

Co-worker/Partner-in-crime decided that the pose in the first picture is to be my signature pose.

Even with all of my complaining and zombie-like state, I had an epiphany last night.  I realized how thankful I am for the opportunity to get an education.  Many women all over the world don't have the right to even consider going to school.  Many others (men included) lack the circumstance or finances.  Although it sounds crazy, I am so grateful to be able to loose sleep, staying up all night preparing for an exam.

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  1. Don't take this the wrong way, but you are a sexy beast.

  2. I so need to learn the art of looking stylish and comfy!
    I might just need to invest in some more No-Doz this week - I hadn't bought the stuff in years and I think it might just be a necessity for this week's midterms.

    Hope your studying went well!

  3. Thanks so much! No-Doz is a definate student accessory!

  4. Yay for Spring break! I get an upset tummy when I don't get enough rest too, been that way since I got pregnant with my daughter, got much worse after I had her and couldn't and still don't get enough sleep. LOVE the first pic so adorable.


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