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MissPriss Beauty Poll | March 10, 2011

1. Mood:  Motivated!  After studying for my midterms and taking the practice exams, I feel really good.  I often feel inadequate in this major, and think everyone around me is so much more intelligent than I am.  But after acing four practice exams, I realize I don't give myself enough credit.

2. What’s your biggest hair concern?  Flat-ness.  I have tons of hair, but it is baby fine and oily at the roots.  I hate flat hair, and baby fine hair seems to love being flat.  The oil doesn't help any, either.  It's taken a lot of years to "train" my hair to stay somewhat voluminous throughout the day; as well as some product experimentation and perfecting the art of teasing.

3. Orange lipstick?  Yes please.  I absolutely love this look for Spring... Unfortunately I can't pull it off.  It's really difficult to wear orange or coral without my teeth looking super yellow!  This is why I usually wear lipsticks with blue undertones; the blue cancels the yellow and my teeth look whiter.  I'm too lazy to bleach just to wear lipstick.

4. What’s the wackiest piece of clothing you own?  I purchased two pieces of faux fur a few months ago.  A faux fur vest, as well as a trapper hat.  I love them, but I don't know how to wear them in an outfit.  They were a definite trend this past winter, so maybe I can still get away with wearing them next year (it's already in the mid 70's here).  Luckily I got both items on clearance, so if I never wear them, I won't feel bad.

5. When things get crazy in your life, how do you keep your sanity?  My brain is often going a hundred miles a minute.  I am a list maker, I make to-do lists and even "sub-to-do" lists all day long.  I make a point of writing down any and all thoughts in my head.  They become substantial once on paper, and when I can see it as a "goal" the "thought" of a task doesn't make me so anxious.  Plus, the simple act of crossing it off my list is so rewarding.

6. What’s your preferred brow maintenance method?  I wax them.  I started doing it myself last summer to save money.  Sometimes they look really good, and sometimes (like last time), I completely butchered them, I ripped of half of my right brow... Oopsie.  Still, I prefer this method to plucking, because I'm a wimp, and plucking really hurts.  Lately, I look somewhat like a bushman as I wait for them to grow in, then I'll get them professionally done.

7. Salty or sweet?  I like a nice mix of both.  I'm not a big snack-food person.  If I'm craving something sweet I usually go for an apple, or yogurt.  I love a nice handful of plain almonds or pretzels when I'm needing something salty.

8.Three desert island essentials?  Sunblock, fruit and a satellite phone.

9. Favorite ’90s music?  *NSYNC.  No questions asked.

10. Weekly goals: I really need to clean my room.  Every article of clothing I own is on the floor.  A big closet remodel would be the glamorous excuse, but as we all know by now, I'm anything but glamorous.  Once my laundry is washed and folded, I usually put it on the floor.  Putting away clothes or hanging them up is my least favorite chore in the world!  I think when I get married, my husband will be assigned to this task...  I promise I'll take out the garbage every single day!

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1. Mood:
2. What’s your biggest hair concern?
3. Orange lipstick?
4. What’s the wackiest piece of clothing you own?
5. When things get crazy in your life, how do you keep your sanity?
6. What’s your preferred brow maintenance method?
7. Salty or sweet?
8.Three desert island essentials?
9. Favorite ’90s music?
10. Weekly goals:

Hey buddy!  How's your week going so far?  It's hump day, and I couldn't be more ready for the weekend!  I have midterms this week, and I'm loosing more sleep than I'd like to admit with my last-minute-late-night cram sessions.  I think after my tests, I'm going to take it easy the rest of the week and maybe even treat myself to a massage!  I've only ever had two, but I think they are the most amazing things in the world!  Plus maybe the tried-and-true-stress reliever will remedy this blasted eye twitch - yes, I still have it!

Happy hump day!

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