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SK8 and a Shout Out

Last night was another F.H.E activity.  When I read the e-mail telling me about it, I immediately thought, "yep, I'm so there."  We were having a valley wide roller skating activity.  When I was younger I lived in roller blades.  No joke, I wore them everywhere; to school, to the park, in the car to the park and to school, etc.  I even won every girl's speed skate competition during class trips to Crystal Palace.  Roller blading was one of my favorite activities, and it was good exercise (not that I cared at the time.)

My brothers and I along with the other neighborhood kids actually held an annual Rollerblade Olympics during summer breaks, with competitions that included figure skating, speed skating, hockey, and bob sledding - but that was done in a wagon, not rollerblades- and is a story for another time.

Anyway, last night we headed to our old stomping ground, Crystal Palace.  Because the activity was Valley Wide (all singles wards in the city), it took us almost an hour to get there.  Griffin and I rented our roller blades, and Evan kept it old school and rented OG skates.

This was the only bad iPhone picture I managed to get.  Gibbs is in the stripes, and Ev is in the white next to him.

I was so nervous.  It had literally been 10-15 years since I last "shredded" on a "pair of wheels."  It took me about twenty minutes to find my sea legs (but you ain't got no legs Lieutenant Dan- Shout out to my boy Forrest Gump), but once I did, it was like I never lost them!  I was skating fast, backwards, jumping, dancing, and spinning.
It was the most fun I've had in years.  I encourage everyone to remember something you loved to do when you were little, and go do it today!

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