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Tribal Blaaaaahhhh

It has just occurred to me... I have a horrible case of "the Monday's" and do not feel like working today.  The sky is full of gray clouds, sprinkling just the tiniest amount of rain; and it is perfect movie-watching-in-sweat-pants-and-hoodie weather.  I tried to take pictures outside, but the wind kept blowing my dress up.  Think Marilyn Monroe, only not glamorous.  Control top pantyhose are never glamorous

Yesterday I was really looking forward to going to Church.  I like Testimony meetings, I feel like with all the different speakers, there is a nice change of pace and the time seems to go by faster...  Of course, I also like the uplifting messages and stuff... Of course... *Whistles in embarrassment*

Unfortunately, I slept in until 2:38 in the afternoon!  Well that's not entirely true.  I woke up around 10:00 and ate two corn dogs, and then went back to sleep.  I have no recollection of this, but the corn dog sticks on a ketchup-y plate were evidence in my bedroom.  Oh well, I must have really needed the extra shut-eye.

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