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Dirty Diana

It was freezing outside, so welcome to the lovely kitchen in my office!

I recently bought a Diana F+ camera.  It's an old fashioned type of camera that will make the photos I take look all vintage-y.  It's also hot pink, so I love it even more that I should.  The only downside is that it takes film, and an odd size at that, 120 mm.  I haven't used film in ages, so it will be fun to get back in the swing of things

I'm really excited to use it so, does anyone know where I can find 120mm film?  Come to think of it, does anyone know where I can buy film?

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  1. Hey beautiful Morgan! How exciting about your new camera! You're looking lovely in the winter white here. Sorry I can't help much with finding film...maybe ebay??

  2. I lovelovelovelove those boots! What brand are they or where did you get them?! I have been looking for boots just like those!!

  3. @Ashley Cray

    Thanks Ashley. They are the Steve Madden Intyce boots in Congac. I bought them on the Steve Madden website when they were on sale. I'd been saving for awhile, but they were still really expensive. Definately the most I've ever spent on shoes.

  4. @Miss Priss Morgan Thanks! That's good to know - the good thing about Steve Madden is that their comfort level outweighs the prices. Thanks again :-)


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