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The only drug I'm on is TV

Last night I had every intention of going to bed early.  I haven't been getting as much sleep as I should, and this week I'm working an hour and a half earlier than normal (I haven't woken up this early since Seminary in High School!).  Instead of gonig to bed early, I got sucked into the ol' boob tube.  There were Family Guy marathons on TBS, UPN and the Cartoon Network.  So I watched all of them and used Ev as an armrest while he took a nap.  By the time that was over, I decided to stay awake and watch Heavy (I'm obsessed with this show).  I was channel surfing during the commericals and stumbled on "A Million Kids and Counting." 

There was this scene where one of the little boys was asking his mom if he could make breakfast for a toddler sister.  He decided to make her oatmeal, because it was her favorite.  He even let the little girl, who could barely walk, help him.  He was so patient and gentle as he lifted her up to fill her bowl with water and gave her kisses and high fives when she threw her trash in the wastebasket.  I was watching with a very large, very dopey smile on my face.

It was the most precious act of service I've seen in a long time.  This sweet little boy made me excited to one day be a mom and teach my children to serve and love each other.  That day is a long way away, and I'm in no hurry to rush it along, but when it comes, I know my heart will smile.

Doesn't this photo look like I'm droppin' it like its hot a la Sandra Bullock in The Proposal?  Get low, get low, get low.  ♫ From the window to the wall... ♪

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