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Rock the Red Pump

Today is National Women and Girls AIDS Awareness DayI love supporting a good cause, and as far as I'm concerned, raising awareness and finding medical cures, are the best kinds of causes...  That didn't sound gramatically correct, but I'm a science major, so I guess I'll let it slide.  In support of "NWGAAD" women across the world (and men, you can play too, I don't discriminate) were encouraged to Rock Red Pumps/shoes.

Red is probably my second least favorite color, first place goes to purple; but I L♥VE red high heels.  I always have.  I have had these pumps for years, and only worn them a handfull of times.  Aren't they fantastic?!?

Speaking of causes, I also participated in a 5K last weekend to help raise money for Pancreatic Cancer research.  My mom's cousin was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer after months of going to different doctors about pain.  They might have caught it early, but no one thought to test for cancer.  By the time someone did, it was already life threatening.  She is now in the process of undergoing Chemotherapy- knowing it won't save her, only prolong her life. So, If I may ask, please remember her in your prayers.  Thank you.
The Red Pump Project

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