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My Shower Sings Country Music

The past two days are somehow balled up into one spotty cognitive memory. I haven’t been able to sleep and I have been awake for 42 of the last 48 hours. Why? I don’t know. Last night I was SO tired, so excited to go to bed. I mentioned it when I talked to friends on the phone, “I am so excited to go to bed tonight.” By 8:00 I was all tucked in, but I just had to watch the Grammy’s, and all of its disappointing performances… I turned the lights out at 10:00 and laid there.

{Waiting, waiting, waiting}

I finally fell asleep around 1:30am. At 4:30 I was woken up with a “sore knee.” I have had these “sore knees” since I was a baby. No doctor has ever been able to diagnose accurately but I’ve heard it could be anything from growing pains, to Osgood-Schlatter Disease to bone infections. I’ve researched all of the diagnoses and none of them fit. When I was little, the pain would wake me from my sleep. It would hurt so bad, I couldn’t walk so I would just lie in bed and cry until Mom or Dad came in. My mom would have to shove IB Proufin down my throat while my dad would rub the knee until the drugs kicked in and put me back to sleep. These “spells” still happen frequently, most often they occur at night, but occasionally I’ll feel one coming on during the day. Anyway, back to my story.

I was woken up at 4:30 in so much pain I wanted to cry, but I figured being 26, I’m too old for that. So, with a limp, I headed for the medicine cabinet. I knew I needed something in my stomach before I took my pill so I made myself some oatmeal with maple syrup and brown sugar… Yum.

By then I only had an hour until I had to wake up for school, so I jumped in the shower. I was SO tired I just wanted to let the steaming water soothe and relax me, only the music was so loud I couldn’t think about anything else.

Wait… What music?

{I must have forgotten to turn off my alarm, and it’s going off. Oh well, I’m all wet, and I’m not getting out just to turn off the music.}

A few moments later

{Ooo I love this song, *sings along to Boondocks*}

A few moments later

{Seriously this music is kind of loud, I’m surprised no one woken up. Wait… ? Is there even music? I can’t tell over the sound of the shower.}

So I turned off the shower, and it was absolutely quit. A Typical sound for 5:00 a.m. at my house. {Hmm, very strange…} I know I’m not crazy, I heard music, LOUD music, and I heard the harmonies and sung along with it…

I turned the shower back on, and there it was! A new song, but country music just the same. This time it was a song I didn’t recognize, but I can hum it… It’s been in my head all morning.

{What is going on?}

I turned off the shower again, and it was silent. Turned it on, and the music continued to play, as if I had turned the radio off then on again.

I started to let my mind get the best of me… “Its ghosts, they’re trying to make contact. Maybe this is the only way they can. Should I acknowledge them? Tell them I hear their music?” I decided my shower was done and turned off the water.


I’m not crazy; this is just what happens when I don’t get sleep.

What a tired girl looks like. Look at the black bags forming under my eyes!!!

I was so tired this afternoon that I had to call BF to pick me up from school. Because I car-pooled with the brothers this morning the alternative was to hang out on campus until 7:00 pm, when my classes finished at noon. He picked me up and we stopped by Lush at the Mandalay bay for a few goodies. Cute stuff for me and a few gifts I needed to get for some special people. I'm not telling what I got, and who I got it for yet, because I would like them to get it first. But soon... very soon.

Hair= hot mess Under eye baggage= massive

Because BF was my hero today (picking me up early from school, taking me to Lush & being bored while I shopped, and taking me home so I could take a nap, I bought him a frozen yogurt.

They only sold one size, and it was seriously a pint of frozen yogurt. There were about 15 flavors and BF got to create his own combination of flavors & toppings. What did he choose? Belgian Chocolate , Peanut Butter, Banana and Pistachio frozen yogurt, with Reese's cups, salted peanuts and a cherry topping! Are you kidding me?!? He ate the entire thing while I stood in the corner, drowsy and trying not to vomit.

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