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I Need a Fezzik

It took everything I had to get out of bed this morning. I didn't sleep very well last night. Someone in the neighborhood got a new puppy and the poor thing howled all night long. Not barked, HOWLED. I had half a mind to stand outside until I could determine which backyard he was in, march over, knock on the door and give the carless owners a piece of my mind. But I didn't.

The weather didn't make getting up any easier. We've had 70 degree weather all week, but today Las Vegas decided to be cold and windy, definately a hat-and-hoodie kind of day. To add to my Monday frustration, I took the crappy way to school. You see from my house I can take one of two freeways to school. One is quick, the other is not... ever. However, I bought a hot green tea from Starbucks and therefore was already headed the slow way. Rather than backtrack, I decided to press on.

All of Las Vegas' traffic problems stem from rubber necking. We have a serious problem with it. Whenever there are flashing lights on the side of the road, ever driver comes to a complete stop and then slowly nudges past the culprit vehical... even if it is not law enforcement. This is weird behavior for Las Vegans; you would think we've had our fill of neon, flashing lights, but no. While siting in traffic, I went maybe 1/4 of a mile in 32 minutes. I thought to myself, "there better be a disasterously bloody wreck up a head. I'm talking mangled bodies and the like."

No accident, {*sigh of relief* but still pissed off}. 32 minutes of stalling vehicals caused by a police car pulled to the shoulder with lights a glow for no apparent reason. ARE YOU KIDDING? By now I had developed a mild case of road rage.

Now, from the slow freeway there are 2 possible exits I can take to get to school. I took the first one. Bad idea. One of the busiest surface streets in Las Vegas, Flaming-O {as dubbed by a local radio personality}, is closed from 5 lanes to 1. ONE LANE!

Map of the freeway, my exit and my school

It normally takes only 8 minutes for me to get to school from the freeway exit. Today it took almost an hour! Eventhough I left my house 45 minutes early, I missed most of my first class, and I'm pretty sure a pop quiz. The whole time I was sitting in my car, all I could think of was the movie, Princess Bride, and how badly I needed a Fezzik. "Everbody Move!" {ha ha.}

Hopefully my Monday will get a little better.

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