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I started this blog mostly as a way to keep a journal of sorts, my daily comings and goings. I chose this format because I type a lot faster than I can write (85 net wpm... yes I've been tested). Over the years it has turned into something slightly different. People started reading it. My mom thinks it's hilarious that people care what I do on a daily basis, but they do. The feeling is mutual. I care about what others do, and my blog roll includes over 200 blogs! I try to keep up with most of them and spend about 20 minutes a day "catching up" with my friends. Thank goodness many of them don't "blog as often as they should!"

Today I received a package in the mail. {Think think, what could it be?} I wondered to myself, "what do I currently have on order?" I am pretty sure I have received everything I've ordered lately... Oh wait, did I get my new swimsuit yet?

Oh yes, it came on Monday...

Hmmm? I don't recognize the sender's name, and I don't know anyone who lives in London... Well, my uncle has a home there, but he lives in Prague...

What could it be?


One of my readers has noticed my recent obsession with Lush, and sent me some goodies! When I ordered my Christmas products I got everything that was online, but apparently I didn't get EVERY Christmas product that was available... they must have been sold out. She sent me everything I missed out on (apparently except for 1 bubble bar and 1 soap), plus two 15% off coupons for my next purchase!!!

Top to bottom: Christmas Morning Bath Ballistic, Snowdrops Bath Ballistic, Snowcake Soap, Angel's Delight Soap, Holiday Bubble Bar, 15% off Coupons for In Store or Online, Candy Cane Bubble Bar, Star Bath Melt, Super sweet card.

How awesome is it to make new friends? Thanks so much to Nicole for the awesome gift!

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  1. i always try on my swimsuits over my clothes!! everyone makes fun of me, but I do it anyway :D


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