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Lime in the Coconut

I just booked an 8 day/ 7 night cruise, and I am so excited! Originally the plan was to go to Hawaii this year, but I found SUCH an awesome deal on a cruise, that I couldn't pass it up. Where am I going?

The Bahamas
St. Thomas
Puerto Rico
Grand Turk
and 3 full days at sea

This year, I will be bringing my good camera so that all of my travel photos don't look like this again:

This would have been such a cute picture. Sun dress, huge hibiscus in hair, sunset, ocean... But oh no...

Did I mention I am so excited? If you're looking for AWESOME travel deals check out Travel Zoo. They have great deals because they are the "we-need-need-to-fill-last-minute-openings-on-this-flight/cruise/hotel etc." They also send out a weekly e-mail with their "Top 20 Deals," like this:

Their best deals usually only give a few weeks notice, but they have deals throughout the year also. My former boss and his wife would take the most amazing vacations for so cheap using this site. I'm talking $600 for 5 nights in Paris kind of cheap, including airfare!

If you are thinking about a cruise (my new favorite way to vacation), go to the BEST discount cruise website: Cruises Only. This is the second year I have booked through them, and I am tickled pink with the price I paid. I even got 2 extra discounts: one is because I live in Nevada (don't know why) and the other is because I've cruised before!

I know times are tough, but everyone needs a vacation once in a while. There's no need to spend a fortune to have fun. Do a little research, there is an awesome travel ticket with your name on it.

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  1. Anonymous2/20/2010

    Hey Morgan!! Colby just told me about this awesome cruise you're going on! We are hoping we might be able to go with you guys if you wouldn't mind our company! That would be such a blast!!


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