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...In the Black SS with the Navi-ga-tion

Not really. I don't know what an SS even is... some kind of luxury car I'm guessing? Ask Nelly. Today's post is really different for me. I often receive comments on the layout/style of my blog. I really appreciate them, as I've designed it numerous times, on my own. If I see something on someone else's blog, or if I like their layout, I google how to do it. In the last 2 years, I've taught myself HTML and I'm currently teaching myself Flash so I can create a new photography website. I figure, "why pay a bundle for cute layouts, when I can do it myself?"

Anyway I stumbled upon something super cool today. I love the Navigation menu in my blog. I've thought about making it a drop down, maybe this weekend.... When trying to create it, I spent days looking for tutorials, and trying to get it just right... Today, I found out that Blogger now has a "Pages Widget!" Just like WordPress, bloggers can now create their own horizontal navigation menus! Links can be put horizontally under the blogger header, or vertically in the sidebar, and there's absolutely no coding, it's super easy. Where was this widget 6 months ago?!?

Here's how to get one:

Or, you can do it this way:

Tada!!! Insta-Cuteness!
Keep in mind this widget is still brand new. If something doesn't work, don't get upset, and don't yell at me. I don't know how to fix it, as I'm just the messenger. However, if you want to learn the long way, which includes photos for as the menu options (like mine), I can help you with that...

Thanks to Computery for all the info! Also check out I Love the Way She Blogs for details on creating a label category. That way when someone clicks "recipes" all of your posts with "recipes" as the label appear.

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