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People Watching at Walmart

This morning my mom was out running errands, and called to see if I wanted to go with. I said, "sure," not sure exactly where we were going to go. She was looking for some new make-up and apparently Walmart has the cheapest makeup prices. They started selling Hard Candy there, and I wanted to check out some fun, brightly colored eye shadows and liners. I decided I would go, as long as we could go to the only location in town I can enter without having an anxiety attack. So we did.

My mom and I have never been shopping together. Seriously. I'm 26 and the last time we went "shopping" together was maybe my Freshman year of high school when she took me Back-to-School shopping. But even then, it was shopping for a purpose, not for enjoyment. We have never gone to a store, together, and purchased things for the both of us (groceries not included). Isn't that crazy?!?! I thought so. We both just HATE shopping. She makes herself sick whenever she spends more than $20.00 thinking of all the other things she could have bought with $20.00, and I get overwhelmed by all the "stuff."

Today, however, we had fun hanging out in the makeup isles trying out products and buying WAY too much fun stuff. We even saw these tiny bobby pins, decided they were so cute, discussed what we would use them for, and when we couldn't decide, purchased them anyway because they were so cute!

Normal bobby's and tiny bobby's

Anyway, I was distracted by Sally Hansen's HD Nail Colors when I looked up and saw this:

Faces covered for anonymity.

Now at first I thought this was a "seeing eye dog." However she is clearly reading labels on the products... Then I thought maybe it was some kind of social disorder dog. For example I saw on TV once a lady who had agoraphobia and had to take a monkey, dressed like a ballerina, everywhere she went. I decided that couldn't be the case, because if someone has agoraphobia, the last place they would want to be is Walmart on a Saturday afternoon. I decided, "to each his/her own," and left it at that. But, it's still always funny to see animals indoors in public places, even if they do serve medical purposes.

Not even 5 seconds later, my mom ran over pointing to the opposite end of the isle. "Get this one, get this one!" She whisper-yelled:

This girl was hilarious! She was super pregnant (which was adorable) and screaming at her boyfriend, that she "needed" makeup because she felt fat; and her butt crack was showing. Don't get me wrong, I love tattoos (BF has 14- only 4 show in normal clothes), but that hair!!!! It was no joke 5 inches high, and the colors! She was really sweet though, and helped me decide on some hard candy lipsticks, and even recommended the "animal print eyeshadow tattoos."

Every time I go to Walmart, I get to people watch, one of my favorite past times. There are so many characters, don't believe me? Check out People of Walmart. Today I very well could have been one of them. My mom picked me up and I had just gotten out of the shower. Wet hair and zero makeup. I at least put on jeans instead of sweatpants.

PS. Yes I do take pictures of people on my iPone ALL THE TIME. Part of people watching is finding the "Big One," the "Queen Mother" of watch-ees. I like to have proof. BF hates his this habit of mine and gets really embarrassed when I do it. My mom however was an awesome sport. she would run over and stand in the general direction of everyone I took pics of today so I could pretend I was taking her picture. I do know that I'm going to Hell for this... Oh well.

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  1. As much as I hate walmart.. I want to go take pictures right now!! Also I'd love to know what kind of products that girl uses to keep her hair up! Sheesh!

  2. i love weird people at walmart!! I seriously avoid walmart...but I went there on Friday to pick up a Valentine's day card for Sean. There are some STRANGE people there!! Glad you got the good ones on film :) p.s. I've seen lots of helper dogs, but never a rottie! That would definitely have surprised me too ha ha oh and p.p.s. I always use tiny bobbies. i got addicted to them in hair school. I seriously wear them all the time if my hair is not cooperating


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