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Weekend Update

Just a quick update on how my weekend went. I feel like I should don my blazer and bring you this message from behind my desk... Only my blazer doesn't match my pajama bottoms and my desk is covered in homework papers... So...

Prissy Posies news:
I have finally finished the last batch of my Prissy Posies orders!!! In the first month, I sold 72 Skinny Minis, Winter Warmers, and Bitsy Blossoms!!! If you have not yet received your orders yet, I am shipping them out tomorrow and you should have them by Friday! Seriously, I almost never want to crochet again, I've been doing 2-a-days for a month. However, thanks to everyone who ordered, and those of you who will order in the future.

I have finished and sent to print the Creel wedding album. I am also super excited because I was also able to order my studio sample albums and they are GORGEOUS. Here's to new clients! As for the other clients on my to do list, I am halfway through the Canon Family photos and will then begin another wedding session, editing and album hopefully by the end of next week. I love keeping busy with what I love doing.

Along the photography lines, I am so excited! I am working on a new logo, website, name, and marketing materials. Seriously it's amazing the influx of business one can receive just by amping up marketing materials. Hopefully I will have that ready in the next 2 weeks. I figure if I'm going to be a professional, I may as well look professional!

Motivation for the semester has FINALLY kicked in... And only a month late... I am so amped to get straight A's in all of my classes, and I'm studying like a mad woman to make that happen. This is probably my 2nd toughest semester yet, but I am determined to come out with flying colors.

I am obsessed with Blueberries. Can you believe I've never eaten a genuine blueberry until this last week? I've only experienced "Blueberry flavored" things, and haven't been impressed. However the real McCoy's are divine. I've eaten 3 pints in 8 days. They are such a delicious and healthy snack.

BF got really sick this weekend, and he NEVER gets sick. I got to play nurse and take care of him and keep him company while he watched movies on the couch. It was nice to just veg. in my medical mask...

Since I paid off my car, I decided it was time to get her clean. I cleaned out the inside, vacuumed, armorall-ed and everything. She looks beautiful. Now all I need to do is get the outside washed, as soon as the rain stops.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I LOVE reading your blog! It's funny, I came across your site through another photographer's blog that I look at quite often - and I keep coming back all the time to see what you have to talk about next! Haha!! (And to see if you will be offering any more "givaways")


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